Our Team
Our dedicated team who work day-in and day-out together to drive and improve our service
Talented Staff
Weekly Working Hours
Average Daily Coffee Breaks
Average Important Weekly Tasks
Ran Hartal
CTO and development
Founder of one of the firsts hosting companies in Israel ADCD IT LTD
Developer, System administrator
Distributed Systems enthusiastic
Linux enthusiastic
System administrator at Vimmi (large OTT cloud-based video delivery platform and CDN)
Former co-founder at RankRanger (Company that build statistics tools for advertising agencies)
Committed to AllProbe at the moment (CTO and development)
Roi Zairi
Java Developer
Graduated from high school programming
Developer, System administrator
DevOp at Bezeq international (ISP)
Linux enthusiastic
Currently studying a bachelor's degree in computer science at Tel Aviv open university
Big data expert
Working On Allprobe Probe servers
Dan Luria
Founded AllInternet, websites advertising agency
Marketing & internet master
Helping with marketing messages & business development
Ayal Ofaim
Bachelor of science, BS computer engineering
IASA - Art and science academy
Various roles at Magshimim national cyber-education center
Contributes to Allprobe in various subprojects and management tasks
Manu (Jossie) Mathew
Front end Developer
NTTF Bangalore India - Computer science
SB college bachelor of science (BSc) & Physics
Development enthusiastic
Has all of Allprobe's Front end development
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